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Premium Service

It is inevitable that all timepieces will require periodic servicing: That is why ZMW offers its Premium Service, for those collectors who desire to own a vintage watch that will become more than just a cabinet curio. The Premium Service offers to return your newly acquired watch to peak condition – cleaned and adjusted from the outset. Every such watch is meticulously checked for optimum performance and only when satisfied, will ZMW award it with a 12 month warranty. During the Premium Service, every effort is made to retain the historic integrity of the watch, so whilst cleaning will take place, there will be no automated polishing or buffing. Most watch collectors would agree that a level of age wear and patina is a desirable quality, preferable to having all trace of the former owner’s service wear stripped away.

Remember, our posted images show timepieces in their present used condition, just as they were obtained, displaying the grime from years of former usage. Accordingly, any watch that does undergo our optional Premium Service, will become not just mechanically but cosmetically superior to its former self. The painstaking work necessary to achieve Premium Service status, also guarantees substantially no loss of authenticity to your vintage timepiece (excepting the possibility of having a watch glass, winder or seal replaced where necessary). Even if a part does require replacing, ZMW extends every effort to keep watches original by accessing only stocks of genuine surplus parts. The one and only liberty to restoration that ZMW may contemplate, is in having the watch hands recoated, should the luminous paint of the originals be lost or cracked. The recoating compound used closely mimics the original luminous, but is an inert non-hazardous substance. This process serves to make the hands appear to be like unspoiled originals. This element of the Premium Service is undertaken on buyer’s request.

Generally speaking then, once a Premium Serviced watch has been thoroughly overhauled, not only will it look good, it will also become suitable for careful daily wear. The usefulness of your collectable vintage timepiece will have been extended, protecting your investment from undesirable mechanical wear – saving you from a potentially costly imminent repair! Naturally there is a charge for this comprehensive and fussy attention to detail, but ZMW believes the modest cost to be a worthwhile investment.

The additional fee for the Premium Service is noted against each watch where the in-house service is immediately available. The fee for this service is calculated to be at a competitive rate. Sometimes though, due to a shortage of immediately stocked spares, the Premium Service may not be offered for some of our timepieces. When this is the case, should you still desire your watch to be serviced, you are asked to consult with ZMW as to the feasibility of your request.

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