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Dear Collectors,

Vintage wrist or pocket watches hold a special place in any collection. They stand out not only as objects of historic interest, but hold a real fascination for everyone. They truly were the most advanced and complicated items of equipment ever to be personal issue to any soldier. Worn in battle, we can only wonder what stories they could tell, as we discreetly (or even overtly) wear them today, paying tribute to the original heroes that strapped them to their wrist. As such, military watches do make a terrific personal possession and with a modicum of care, will certainly become future heirlooms for generations to cherish.

So, who am I that I should want to promote these technical marvels of military ingenuity? Perhaps you've seen my moniker, "ZMW," on various online auction sites? Or, perhaps we've already chatted cordially about clocks, watches or firearms? Well, I wouldn't be at all surprised if this was so, as I've been moving around these collecting circles, pursuing my passions for decades. Primarily, this has been in the area of researching and acquiring original military timepieces. Like many a collector on a budget, I've also been compelled to sell some of my surplus pieces along the way.

With an international reputation for advancing the field of military horology, my earlier work included the publication of the book, "A Concise Guide to Military Timepieces," which identified the markings and usage of many specialised watches. To date my work has been utilised by museums, auction houses and even the TV industry. So, if you are serious about military watches and consider buying an item from me, you will find that I have a good reputation amongst like-minded military aficionados worldwide.

Just as with any collecting devotee, I have experienced the sheer frustration that is ever present in the search for good pieces. So, in an effort not only to promote interest in this underrepresented field, but to make your collecting more enjoyable, I will always treat fellows courteously and with honesty. That's why, whether you wish to purchase a single item as a mere curiosity or gift, or, if you are buying for an established collection, you will find the same level of amenity from me. I also intend to add snippets of information to listings along the way, to enlighten enthusiasts to new information and thoughts on the subject. Certainly, much more has been learnt since the publication of, "Military Timepieces."

In the past, I do believe that one big factor that may have prevented buyers from purchasing any second hand watch, may simply be down to an inherent concern regarding the upkeep of any mechanical artefact. Well, that's why I have taken the step to offer a "Premium Service" facility, which will give buyers genuine peace of mind when acquiring a special vintage timepiece. Put simply, the facility now exists to take care of your precious heirloom. To learn more about the Premium Service, click here. Enjoy your browsing and if you need more help, give me a call.

Kind regards
Ziggy M. Wesolowski

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