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UPDATE - Dear Collectors & Colleagues,

As life is beginning to return to our new normal, we are working with customers to resume business as best we can. We will endeavour to process all orders quickly but some delay in delivery is still likely.

We are looking forward to seeing our customers at the forthcoming Kempton Park Arms Fair, 19th July 2020.

We remind everyone that this will pass and wish you all well.

Kind regards,

Ziggy M. Wesolowski

Code: 51115Price: On Request

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WD Issue Beaumont Adams Percussion Revolver c.1855
A genuine War Department contract 54 bore Beaumont Adams percussion revolver, with the top strap engraved, "London Armoury" (inscription visible but rubbed and worn).

With its original finish faded to a grey-brown patina, this Beaumont Adams revolver has crisp WD and broad arrow marks but has seen extensive military service. It nevertheless remains in working order but does exhibit some worn nipples.

Curiously, this pistol has some unusual decoration to the butt beneath the lanyard hole, where several circular indents have been carved. Two of them (or perhaps all of them at some point) had been set with glass "jewels". Whilst the exact purpose of this decorative embellishment is not known, it might lead to interesting speculation.

Certainly, it is uncommon to find any British martially marked revolvers from this period, as officers were expected to purchase their own. However, it was the NCO's that were issued with these, brought in for the Crimean War.

Overall, a very interesting martially marked British Army revolver.

Barrel length = 6 inches
Overall length = 12˝ inches

Code: 51114Price: 1100.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Modelé An IX Maubeuge French Gendarmerie Pistol, c.1810
Consignment Sale: A rare .60 calibre Modelé An IX Marechausee flintlock pistol in untouched condition, made c.1810 at the government arsenal in Maubeuge. Intended for Gendarmerie issue, the pistol features a rounded profile to prevent snagging in the pocket or cape. All iron parts are darkly patinated and the lock still bears the etched arsenal name. Several official inspection stamps are evident, as are the inscribed initial "E.B."

Showing some signs of service wear, the flintlock is nevertheless in good sleepy condition, with dark age patina to the ironwork. The lock features a fully functioning lock and the pistol retains its original ramrod.

Overall, a rare example to find in untouched, collector condition.

Code: 51113Price: 695.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Unsigned Officer's Percussion Pistol
A plain percussion pistol, possibly of a continental military pattern with a large bore and three quarter stocked furniture, complete with what appears to be its original ramrod and small butt pommel.

Offered in working order, this pistol has a good action and cosmetically, a pleasant dark patina with even dimpling to the iron surfaces.

An original pistol in untouched condition.

Barrel length =
Overall length =

Code: 51112Price: 320.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Colt M1877 Thunderer .41 Revolver, c.1891
Consignment Sale: A good nickel Colt Model 1877 Thunderer revolver, chambered for the obsolete .41 cartridge. This revolver is in good working order and cosmetic condition, retaining much of its original plated finish, with the rest being to a grey patina.

According to Colt archives, this revolver dates to 1891. It has matching numbers as well as sharp profiles, good screw heads, and undamaged grips. Generally, this Thunderer is a decent example in good cosmetic condition.

Barrel length = 6 inches

Code: 51107Price: 1475.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Unissued - British Army Despatch Riders PVC Jerkin
Unworn and in mint condition, this army jerkin is perfect for the reenactor. Dated 1959, this PVC jerkin is easy to keep clean.

No rips, tears or other damage - Ideal for a military motorcyclist.

Code: 51106Price: 25.00 GBP

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Civil War Issue Colt M1860 Percussion Revolver, c.1863
Consignment Sale: A good looking .44 Colt Model 1860 cavalry issue percussion revolver, retaining a detailed cylinder scene and all matching serial numbers dating it to 1863.

This martially marked revolver shows a partial inspector's cartouche to the right grip, as well as 3 additional notches. All other marking is crisp and clear, including the barrel address and cylinder engraving. Overall the ironwork has a dark patina and the revolver benefits from having good screw heads.

A decent example at a reasonable price.

Code: 51104Price:

This item is Age Restricted

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Tower Pattern Long Sea Service Flintlock Pistol, c.1800
Consignment Sale: A good used example of a Tower Pattern Long Sea Service flintlock pistol. Fully ordnance marked with clear proofs, acceptance and inspection stamps.

Offered in full working order, this flintlock pistol has a good age patina. It also shows signs of service use, including an old break at the wrist, which has been armoury repaired and holding strong.

A desirable Sea Service pistol.

Code: 51105Price: 1790.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Unissued - British Army Red Cross Medical Webbing Bag
Presented in mint, unissued, condition is this British Army medical canvas bag. It is absolutely pristine and marked as made by ME Co. in 1955, complete with the broad arrow symbol. I believe this bag is identical to others encountered that were WW2 vintage.

The webbing is clean, inside and out, with no damage or wear to note.

Impossible to improve upon.

Code: 51103Price: 38.00 GBP

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Early S&W .44 Russian Double Action Revolver, c.1880
Consignment Sale: A very early Smith & Wesson .44 Russian, DA revolver, made c.1880. With the serial number being in the lower two-digit range, this example must be one of the first double-action revolvers to leave the S&W factory... Probably on the first day of production!

Totally original, this S&W revolver shows typical signs of carry and use, with the resultant commensurate wear, but no evidence of abuse or repair. It is in full working order, no doubt having been looked after professionally. With the factory blue having been replaced by age patina and the original wood smoothed by the grip of a grateful hand, this revolver is a great sleepy example.

Overall, very pleasing with its salt and pepper finish and light speckled pitting over the ironwork, yet crisp and clear S&W patent details to the top rib.

Code: 51102Price:

This item is Age Restricted

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