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Top Hat 38 Bore Percussion Pistol By J.B. Collins, c.1830
An unusual and rare pocket pistol made by the gunsmith J.B. Collins at the start of the percussion era, c.1830. At this time percussion caps looked a little different; they were not a friction fit. Instead, early caps were shaped like a top hat that was placed over the nipple, where the rim of the cap was held down by the false frizzen. This device not only prevented the cap from falling off, but also offered some protection from accidental discharge.

Top hat caps were short-lived before simple improvements in manufacturing techniques made the rim unnecessary. Such developments make the earliest pistols, hard to find: Presented in full working order, this percussion pistol is offered in good cosmetic condition. Showing some sign of former carry, the pistol has slight wear and bruising around the barrel, as well as minor shrinkage and some scuffing to the butt, but nothing worse. All springs are strong and the automatic trigger functions as it should.

Overall this is a good example of a 38 bore pistol, morphing from flintlock and into the new percussion era.

Barrel length = 2 inches
Overall length = 6 inches

Code: 50746Price: 395.00 GBP

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Bacon Arms First Model .31 Pocket Revolver, c.1855
A 1st Model Bacon .31 percussion revolver, that can be distinguished from the later models by virtue of its cylinder release mechanism - This is operated by the unusual knurled catch, just forward of the cylinder. Being a comparatively rare revolver from the Bacon Arms Company of Norwich Connecticut, only 1000 of these pistols were made in the mid 1850's. As with most of them, this piece is also unmarked, apart from the serial number that is stamped on the barrel rammer retaining lug.

Presented in good mechanical condition, this 5-shot spur trigger revolver operates crisply. It has no original finish remaining, although the metal shows some light discolouration and staining. Nevertheless the decorative vine detail remains clear and the revolver benefits from decent nipples and good screw heads.

All in all, a good example for the collector of different pocket pistols.

Barrel length = 4 inches
Overall length = 8 inches

Code: 50740Price: 690.00 GBP

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Webley Mark 1 .177 Air Pistol c.1930
A fine and original .177 calibre Webley & Scott Ltd Mark 1 air pistol, with straight walnut grips bearing the golden flying pellet medallion. Pistol engraved with numerous patent details to left and right hand side of air chamber.

Presented in full working order and in overall untouched condition, with factory polish and blue finish remaining virtually intact. Frame marked with serial no. 44903.

Code: 50730Price:

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Tower Coastguard Flintlock Pistol, c.1825
The second of a duo of rare Tower flintlocks recently obtained by ZMW Militaria: Dating from c.1825, these pistols were first issued to the Coastguard - an anti smuggling force formed, in 1822, from the former Preventive Water Guard.

"Tower" marked on the lock tail, this flintlock is fully ordnance marked on the bolted lock, as well as having an extra crown stamp to the barrel tang. Presented in good working order, with strong springs, the iron work is showing a grey age patina, with some surface pitting and speckling. Woodwork is generally good, but there is some evident wear, service knocks. The woodwork is stamped with the Board of Ordnance mark, near to the stamped crown on the barrel tang. At the muzzle there is also a closed split to the right side of the fore end, but no losses to the wood.

All in all, a rare flintlock, seldom found in such good condition.

Barrel length = 4 inches
Overall length =

Code: 50745Price:

This item is Age Restricted

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Would all collectors please note that if you are not personally known to ZMW Militaria, you may be asked for proof of identity before purchasing or making an appointment to view any Age Restricted, or certain other items.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Code: 50744Price: On Request

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Colt "Storekeeper" .41 Thunderer Revolver, c.1882
William Manson designed the Model 1873 Single Action Army, as well as Colt's first successful double action revolver in 1877. This became more commonly known as the Thunderer, and in its shorter barrel length, is frequently called the "Storekeeper." The M1877 remained in production until 1909, with this one being dated to 1882.

This Thunderer is in excellent mechanical condition - all good and tight with a fully working action. Cocking the revolver is smooth and the hammer holds in all positions, with perfect indexing and lock up.

Generally in very good cosmetic condition, with strong traces of original finish and good screws throughout. Grips are period and very good, but the gutta-percha has slightly shrunk as shown.

A very good obsolete calibre Colt, which may be owned by a bone fide collector without a certificate, as part of an antique gun collection.

Barrel length = 3 inches
Overall length =

Code: 50743Price: 1490.00 GBP

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Coastguard Pattern Pistol By Lacy & Co. c.1850
Lacy & Co. were gunmakers who were very much involved in the supply of military weapons under government contract. This example of their Coastguard pattern, was retailed under their "London" maker's label, suggests that the pistol may have been for a constabulary, or other private security force.

This is a superb example of this genre of robust percussion pistol, which is in very good original condition, showing minor signs of carry, but no abuse. The action is fully working without fault and all springs are strong ,now showing a dark age patina, with sharp marking throughout. Woodwork is all excellent, but does have some minor service wear and knocks.

All together, a wonderful and sleepy example of its type.

Barrel length = 5 inches
Overall length = 12 inches

Code: 50742Price: 675.00 GBP

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Remington 1863 New Model Police .38 Rimfire Revolver
This scarce 1863 pattern 'New Model Police' revolver was Remington's answer to Colt's Police model of the previous year. It is offered in fine condition throughout.

Light and handy, this revolver was appreciated in the city where the sleek profile, provided comfortable covert carry. Together with the short barrel, it was ideal for those who required an unobtrusive weapon, equal in calibre to the bigger Navy guns.

Chambered for five .38 rimfire cartridges, this Remington is in fine original condition, retaining much of its factory nickel finish with just some thinning to the plating around the grip and frame, but no flaking, scratching or pitting. With a crisp action and tight lock up, this revolver generally shows minimal signs of actual use, having survived with an excellent bore and chambers. Sharp angles, unspoilt grips and a clear barrel address, make this an excellent collector grade piece that would be difficult to improve upon.

A wonderful example of a scarce Remington Police revolver.

Barrel length = 3.5 inches
Overall length = 8.5 inches

Code: 50741Price:

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3-Shot Manhattan .30 Percussion Pepperbox Pistol, c.1856
A crisp and sleepy example of a rare and desirable, 3-Shot percussion pepperbox pistol, made by the Manhattan Firearms Manufacturing Company of New York. With less than 1000 of these smaller gambler's pistols produced in the late 1850's, this one is numbered, 612, inside the trigger guard bow.

Reduced in profile by having fewer shots and by virtue of having no automatic indexing mechanism, the slim tri-barrel assembly had to be turned by hand, firing by means of a self-cocking hammer operated by the squeeze of the trigger. Marked to the barrels as, "Cast Steel," this pepperbox was eminently concealable, designed to be carried unobtrusively about the person.

With a strong working action, good nipples, sharp marking, perfect grips and an overall dark age patina, this type of pistol is very rarely seen in any condition.

Barrel length = 3 inches
Overall length = 6 inches

Code: 50729Price: 1250.00 GBP

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J. Harding & Sons Flintlock Pistol, c.1835
A crisp and altogether very good example of a mail guard's style flintlock, made by James Harding & Sons, c.1835.

James Harding worked from various premises in Blackman Street, London, from 1810 to 1843, during which time he was a gunmaker to the General Post Office. In 1834 he entered into partnership with his son, continuing to work in the Borough area of London, where this mail guard's pattern flintlock was made on the cusp of the percussion era. Made with an all iron barrel, this example has none of the government marks, apart from the sharply engraved gunmaker details along the regulation length barrel. As such, it can only be considered to be of post office type.

Presented in excellent condition, the brown barrel is sharp, showing little or no sign of use. With the barrel removed, the London proof marks can be viewed on the underside - all crisp and clear. Even the full stocked furniture is free from damage, apart from minor age related bumps. Complete with a horn tipped ramrod and worm, which may be its original.

Overall, the pistol is in near excellent condition.

Barrel length = 9 inches
Overall length = 15 inches

Code: 50738Price: 1495.00 GBP

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