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British Proof 9mm Pinfire Revolver By E. Lefaucheux, c.1860
Selling on consignment: A fine and well made 9mm pinfire revolver by Eugène Lefaucheux, bearing his Crowned "EL" trademark and both British, as well as Liege proof marks. Retaining most of its original blue finish, this military style revolver is in excellent condition in all respects. Mechanically without fault and with tight indexing - as well as a superb bore, this robust revolver has probably seen very little use.

An ideal revolver for the collector at a very fair price.

Barrel Length = 4 inches
Overall length = 8½ inches

Code: 50933Price:

This item is Age Restricted

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George III Scottish Silver Pair-Case Verge Fusee Watch, c.1811
Pocket watches made during the Napoleonic era could only be afforded by persons of some standing, with larger silver watches being suited to the more adventurous gentlemen. Such large pair-cased watches as seen here were designed to provide the delicate mechanism with an extra degree of protection, making them the preferred choice for these men. However, when it came to the accuracy of the smaller pocket timepieces, watch technology left much to be desired by today's standards. This is one reason why eyewitness accounts, as with those recorded during the infamous Battle of Waterloo, give many conflicting times of the engagements of three armies, which incidentally saw the British Army being largely supplied by the Scottish Regiments.

As a Scottish watch signed by the watchmaker, S. William of Aberdeen, this watch has survived in excellent condition, retaining both its original matching silver 1811 hallmarked cases. These show just minor signs of service wear, with a little rubbing around the inner case from pocket carry - Definitely no unsightly dents, wear-through or holes. All the case hinges open and close without fault, whilst the outer case latch, operated by a red cabochon button, locks properly and without gaps. Likewise, the gilt movement is in bright condition and working order, keeping Verge time. Note also the application of a grotesque mask on the balance cock - A Medieval clockmaker's custom used to ward off bad spirits. Even the original porcelain dial is in excellent condition, being free from cracks, but with some minor imperfections, mainly around the edge, associated with routine working life, time setting.

Overall an excellent Napoleonic period pocket watch of Scottish interest, supplied with 2 keys - One sets the hands, the other winds the spring.

A Premium Service option can be requested for this timepiece.

Dial Diameter = 48mm
Total Diameter = 60mm

Code: 50929Price: 450.00 GBP

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Quality Case For Webley Senior Air Pistol
A very well made case fashioned to hold any of the range of Mark 1, Senior or Premier Webley air pistols. Complete with vintage oil can and provision for a pellet tin, the wooden case is presented with a vacant escutcheon to the lid, brass corner hinges and a working lock with key.

A very good box for your precious Webley air pistol, with clean green baize lining and accessories as shown.

Code: 50926Price: 120.00 GBP

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An Exceptional Coaching Blunderbuss By Dust, c.1800
An exceptional coaching blunderbuss by Dust made c.1800, showing little sign of use. This flintlock blunderbuss was intended to be carried by a guard for use in close-quarter situations, to protect passengers during coach journeys. When danger threatened, this short barrelled gun could be easily swung into action and if that wasn't enough, a menacing bayonet could be rapidly deployed to create distance from any adversary.

Presented in untouched condition and full working order, this formidable blunderbuss has a signed and bolted lock, with crisp profiles and wonderful age patina. With no sign of any restoration, this gun is an outstanding example in near pristine condition - Difficult to improve upon.

An attractive coaching blunderbuss with an original wooden ramrod.

Barrel length = inches
Overall length = inches

Code: 50924Price: 2750.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Coaching Blunderbuss - Additional Images

Code: 50925Price: On Request

This item is Age Restricted

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Rare Police Superintendent's Nickel Silver Tipstaff, c.1850
A rare nickel silver tipstaff reserved for the higher ranks in the New Police. Issued to Superintendents and above, this tipstaff was made by Parker Field & Sons, 233 Holborn London. It is in excellent original condition, with a heavy cast and well-detailed Queen's Crown, mounted on a nickel and turned ebony grip. The top unscrews to reveal the inner compartment, which would originally have held the Warrant giving the holder's details.

With just minor wear, this tipstaff is in original collector grade condition, now having a light age related bloom to the nickel. This could be cleaned to reveal the underlying silver metal but looks good as is.

Overall length = 7¼ inches

Code: 50872Price: 490.00 GBP

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Cased 80 Bore Fourth Model Tranter, c.1858
A scarce and good Fourth Model Tranter revolver, complete with its correct case, all signed and labelled by the retailer, John Venables & Son, Oxford, c.1858. This revolver has a super tight lock-up and an excellent bright bore.

Offered in full working order, this Tranter appears to have been carried more than used, possibly by a military gentleman, as suggested by the provision of a lanyard hole to the grip. Retaining sharp profiles, good screw heads and clear engraving throughout, this revolver has some original finish remaining, with the rest faded to a pleasing dark patina.

Presented in its original fitted case with its correct label, the wooden box is generally sound and undamaged but showing signs of frequent handling, resulting in the loss of one of the brass fastening catches - Lock is intact. Nevertheless, internally the box has kept its lining intact and all the compartments are in good order, with only minor rubbing. The accompanying period accoutrements show signs of wear and tear, with the mould being bruised and the Dixon signed powder flask now lacking its thumb lever. A cleaning rod, nipple extractor, pricker, pouch and cap tin, together make up the remaining tools, all appearing to be in good and serviceable condition.

All in all, a sharp mid-size Tranter revolver, together with its case and many accessories, which can be easily improved by light cleaning.

Barrel length = 4½ inches

Code: 50811Price: 1850.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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WW2 German Army Issue Marching Compass
An early WW2 German army issue marching compass, complete and in working order, but showing signs of are related wear to the surface painted finish. Otherwise, much original crinkle black finish to the underside and face, as well as being in generally very good condition, free from dings or dents.

Code: 50915Price: 30.00 GBP

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Brass Barrelled Coaching Flintlock, c.1800
A London marked and proofed brass barrelled flintlock of coaching pattern, made c.1800. Although unsigned, it is very similar to the pistols made by Harding for issue to the Royal Mail coach guards. It features a stepped and bolted lock, together with a roller frizzen and, what is probably its original horn tipped ramrod, with worm.

Presented in very good condition overall, this is a quality made pistol, which has retained a strong working action, exhibiting good age patina. Generally being of straightforward, no frills construction, this flintlock has little engraved decoration, suggesting that it was intended to fulfil a practical role.

A good quality coaching pistol, with little sign of service wear and overall very good order.

Barrel length = 8 inches
Overall length = 13 inches

Code: 50914Price: 890.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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The Genuine British Army Pocket Knife - With Spike
A high quality unissued stainless steel pocket knife marked, "The Genuine British Army Knife." Manufactured in Sheffield, this knife is identical to the General Service knives currently available to soldiers, with single folding blade, marlin spike, can opener, screwdriver and lanyard ring.

We have acquired a very small quantity at a discount price.

Code: 50912Price: 29.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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