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Rogers & Spencer US Cavalry Percussion Revolver, c.1865
In 1865, gunmakers Rogers & Spencer were contracted by the US government to supply .44 percussion revolvers to the US Army. These superior solid frame revolvers stood out among their competition, yet despite clear advantages of design, less than 5,000 were delivered before the end of the Civil War - including 1000 of the Navy model. Only a few were issued, whilst most were put into government storage. Held in reserve, they were eventually sold to the firm of Francis Bannerman & Son. Of those that went that route, Bannerman had them profusely branded with a "B" letter stamp. Interestingly however, this example does not have these same "B" marks.

Stamped with the US Government Inspector's cartouche, this Rogers & Spencer revolver has been marked on the cylinder, frame and barrel, with "H" letter stamps. It is all matching and offered in good condition, with much original finish. Nevertheless this revolver does show signs of service wear, with some surface scuffing to the ironwork and grips. The action works and generally the revolver retains a good profile, with decent bore, nipples and chambers, making this an overall collectable example of its type.

A true classic that was the result of a culmination of best gun making improvements, which sadly came too late for Rodgers & Spencer.

Barrel length = 7.5 inches
Overall length = 14 inches

Code: 50756Price: 1890.00 GBP

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Military Style, Smiths Astral Waterproof Wristwatch, c.1958
A superb example of a military styled Smiths Astral watch, dating to c.1958. Made in England with a waterproof steel and chrome case, this watch shows little sign of any use.

Internally the 15 jewel shockproof and manual wind movement, is in top condition. The watch is keeping excellent time, but the calibre 6010 movement has not been serviced.

Overall a stunning example in original unspoilt condition. Difficult to improve upon and at a fraction of the price of a Smiths' military issue wristwatch.

A Premium Service and 12 month warranty is available.

Code: 50777Price: 290.00 GBP

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Solid Silver Polish Army Cap Badge
A rare WW2 pattern solid silver Polish Army cap badge, with four lugs and split pins for securing to a cap. The back of the badge is stamped "Silver."

Retaining good detail and age patina.

Height =

Code: 50779Price:

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Adams' Self Cocking Pocket Percussion Revolver, c.1855
This fine self-cocking percussion revolver was made by an unknown European gunmaker to Adams' patent, c.1855. It is nevertheless of fine workmanship, with acanthus scroll engraving and quality finish, having once been owned by Dr. G. Lammert, whose name appears on the top strap. Most probably, Dr. Lammert kept his pistol in a desk drawer, which would account for its excellent condition.

Overall a well maintained example of a personal protection revolver, formerly owned by a professional gentleman. Retaining much original finish and sharp profiles. Mechanically tight with excellent grips.

Barrel length = 4 inch
Overall length =

Code: 50776Price: 950.00 GBP

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Police Pistol By Parker Field & Sons, c.1845
A rare Constabulary Pattern tunic coat pistol by Parker Field & Sons, c.1845 (See "Police Firearms Officers' Association" website for an identical pistol).

It is documented in the police archives that as late as 1856, the Metropolitan Police purchased pistols of this design with swivelling rammers, at a cost of £2 6 shillings apiece, for issue to their Inspectors.

Serially numbered and with an impressed rack number on the furniture, this is an overall very good example of its type, although it has a working life repair at the front - This has been very well executed in antiquity. Offered with a strong working action, crisp marking, original barrel colours and good bore.

Barrel length =
Overall length =

Code: 50775Price: 950.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Colt M1862 Police Percussion Revolver, c.1863
The Colt M1862 Police revolver has the distinction of being the company's final percussion pistol, produced as the metallic cartridge era was transforming the gun world. As such, it is a comparatively rare pistol in this original form.

This revolver is a good honest example, which is mechanically solid and in full working order. Cosmetically the finish is worn, but it has aged with a pleasing salt and pepper patina. Further benefitting from having good grips, as well as clear markings and matching numbers.

All in all a good example that has seen use, but no abuse.

Barrel length = 4½ inches
Overall length = 9½ inches

Code: 50773Price: 995.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Pre WW2 Longines 'Time Of Trip' Aircraft Clock, c.1938
A rare Longines aviation instrument bearing serial numbers which date its manufacture to 1938. According to the Longines, this watch was then supplied to Messrs. Weissblüht, who were their agent in Bucarest and known supplier to the Romanian Air Force.

During WW2 the Romanian Air Force worked with the Luftwaffe, flying hundreds of missions against the USSR and recapturing Northern Bucovina and Basarabia, which had been occupied by the Soviet Union the previous year. Equipped with 621 aircraft, Romanian pilots were well trained and a number of Longines watches were delivered for their disposal.

This cockpit watch features a high grade Longines calibre 19.71N, 16 jewels movement, which is in its aluminium housing complete with a time of trip indicator. It is in overall excellent condition and keeping time, although it has not been serviced. Interestingly, the watch has retained all its sprung mounts, which were fitted in antiquity to a clear acrylic plate - This quite feasibly might have been part of the aircraft canopy?

A rare to find item of aviation interest.

Code: 50772Price: 1200.00 GBP

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WW2 British Government Longines Watch - Civil Service (India) c.1943
A scarce military spec Longines watch ordered in 1943 by their Bombay agency the, West End Watch Company. This was part of a contract with the British government, who then issued the watch to an operative in the Civil Service in India - Wristwatch marked, C.S.(I).

Overall the watch is in excellent original condition, keeping time and functioning as it should. Basically this is a military issue Longines at a fraction of the price of a W.W.W. example.

Premium Service and 12 month warranty available.

Diameter = 31mm (excluding crown)

Code: 50771Price: 475.00 GBP

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WW2 British Army ATP "Enicar" Wristwatch, c.1940
Known among soldiers as an "Army Time-Piece," these British WW2 watches are much scarcer than the wartime pocket watches of the day. But what is not widely known is the fact that the "T.P." element of ATP, actually refers to "Trade Pattern." As always, there is a reason for this somewhat unusual phraseology.

Prior to WW2 the Swiss watch industry was the dominant supplier of watches to all European governments, including their nazis neighbours. However, at the outbreak of war the Swiss found themselves in an uncomfortable situation; as a neutral, the Swiss had to stop the supply of military equipment to belligerents. Of course it was suggested that watches were not war critical, but that was debatable, resulting in Swiss watch companies looking for ways to distance themselves from possible allegations.

The upshot of the situation was that the Swiss evaded the nazi regime by keeping their sales focused on the jewellery trade. Consequently, they were unable to supply quantities of shock-protected, waterproof, luminous, or otherwise any watches that had more than a hint of military attributes. Hence, fewer wristwatches were made available to jewellers and as in this instance, manufacturers often chose to leave their details off their watches. Only the watch company's name, "Enicar," can be found on the movement, but even that is an anagram of the watchmaker's real name, Racine.

As for how these "military" watches actually came out of Switzerland, that itself is another story.

For this ATP, this watch is in excellent condition and full working order, although it has not been serviced. It features a steel waterproof case and great vintage leather strap, similar to the originals.

As with all our timepieces, this watch can be serviced. Our Premium Service also carries a 12 month warranty, all for £80.

Code: 50770Price:

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1988 US Military Hamilton Wristwatch
Made by Hamilton for the US Armed Forces, this military wristwatch was issued at a time of Special Forces operations in the Persian Gulf. These actions were called to protect American registered oil tankers and later USN warships, from Iraqi and Iranian attacks. Two years on, the hostilities led to the First Gulf War. But it was not all about the Middle East in 1988, as the US military were also much involved in emergency operations in Honduras, as well as in Panama.

Hamilton watches have been supplied to the US military since WW1, but from the 1960s, they were assembled and serviced in the US Virgin Islands using Swiss movements. This business arrangement allowed Hamilton to meet the "Buy American" laws concerning government procurement, whilst also keeping the cost of their products within military budget.

It is an excellent military timepiece, which is in full working order and keeping time, although it has not been serviced. Fortunately the spares situation for this vintage watch is not a problem, meaning that this watch can continue to provide service for many years to come.

A classic military wristwatch at a very budget price, including a US issue strap.

Code: 50769Price: 295.00 GBP

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