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Custom Handmade Bushcraft Knife By ASH - Unused
A custom bushcraft knife made in England by Anthony Steven Harding. All ASH knives are handmade to a very high standard and this example features O1 Carbon steel in the making of the full tang blade. An easy to sharpen Scandi-grind has been purposefully chosen to aid sharpening to a razor edge and for its ability to split and carve wood, as well as slice.

Falling into the bushcraft genre, this knife is well capable of providing lifelong service in the field. From battening wood to making feather sticks, this knife has a robust 4mm spine and full tang beautifully finished with oak laminate scales, green G10 liners and brass Corby bolts, plus lanyard tube. All tempered to Rockwell hardness 59.

The leather sheath shows signs of wear, where the knife has been inserted and removed, but is otherwise of good quality, being all handmade by Harding.

Blade length = 4 inches
Overall length = 8 inches

Code: 51042Price: 275.00 GBP

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1851 Adams 54B Self-Cocking Percussion Revolver
Consignment sale: In Britain, the Adams was the favourite revolver among military men due to its ability to fire rapidly with each pull of the trigger. Unlike the Colt, the Adams did not need to be cocked between shots and, its larger man-stopping bore made it the number one choice during the outbreak of the Crimean War.

This example is one of the earlier Adams revolvers made c.1851. Retailed and signed by Henry Egg of Piccadilly London, this revolver was among the first of its kind, so it had no provision for a rammer but most likely, would originally have come with a spare cylinder for rapid reloading.

Presented in good cosmetic condition, with light salt and pepper finish and perfect grips, this revolver is in excellent working order with strong springs and correct indexing throughout. As such, this revolver is a good representative piece of this Adams revolver.

Barrel length = 6 inches
Overall length = 11 inches

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police Knife By Wilkinson Sword
A rare and excellent Wilkinson Sword hunting knife, with ERII Royal Warrant details and RCMP stamp, together with Bison Crest badge intricately marked "Maintiens le Droit" to blade.

All in all, an impressive knife with a very comfortable ergonomic grip ideally suited to outdoor tasks, yet showing no use from previous owners. Complete with its original leather sheath.

Blade length = 6 inches
Overall length = 11 inches

Code: 51040Price: 290.00 GBP

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Victorinox Bundeswehr Issue Penknife
The Victorinox name is synonymous with the Swiss Army Knife, however, in this instance the knife was made for the Bundeswehr as denoted by the German Army national emblem moulded as part of the grip scale.

This is the genuine item and not a cheap repro. It shows some sign of use and wear but is otherwise in very good condition. The knife features a main blade, spike and scraper, wood saw complete with removable guard, bottle opener, corkscrew and screwdriver tip.

As a folding penknife, it is UK legal for everyday use.

A nice original item that is getting scarcer to find.

Main cutting blade length = 2 inches

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G. Ibberson Seaman's Shackle Knife
A good and scarce stainless steel example of a Seaman's pocket knife made by George Ibberson, Sheffield. This knife, usually worn on a lanyard, features a heavy duty blade for rope cutting, a separate shackle wrench and a screwdriver.

Fully marked with patent details, this knife is in good condition showing signs of of some service wear and previous sharpening. Yet it is still in cosmetically good order, with plenty of life remaining in the blade.

A UK legal quality folding knife suitable for everyday chores.

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Barnett Coastguard Pattern Percussion Pistol, c.1840
Consignment sale: Barnett held a long standing contract to supply pistols to the Board of Customs. Starting in the flintlock era, Barnett went on to supply percussion weapons and, although their pistols maybe considered to be commercial examples, due to their private label, the barrel nevertheless bears a couple of Crown over "7" government inspector's stamp, together with the usual proofs.

Presented in good used condition, this Barnett pistol has a robust early type percussion lock. All the iron work has a dark aged patina and the wood furniture is free of repairs, exhibiting just the small bumps from service use.

All in all, a tidy and scarce government contract pistol made for the Board of Customs.

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Barnett Coastguard Pattern Flintlock Pistol, c.1822
Consignment sale: A historic and untouched Barnett Coastguard Flintlock, c.1822.

First named as the Preventive Water Guard, the group started in 1809, under the directions of the Board of Customs, with a remit to stop the smuggling trade. However, after their successful formative years, the development of the PWG was handed over to the Treasury. Now heavily influenced towards the needs of the Board of Trade, the guard's priorities changed, resulting in the PWG concerning themselves mostly with revenue collection. This led again to further government intervention in 1822, amidst public allegations of inefficiency.

"The Preventive" was now returned to the control of Customs, who renamed them, "Coastguard," reinstating their primary task as a proactive anti-smuggling authority.

This Barnett flintlock is one of those early Coastguard pattern pistols, made c.1822, carried during patrols along the British coast: Interestingly, a lock from one of these pistols was recovered a few years ago in relic condition, near to Margate beach. The final image shows that lock (not included in the sale), which had lain undisturbed in a ready position, half-cocked with pan down a poignant relic.

A fascinating London proofed law enforcement pistol from a violent period in history, presented in working order but with a weak mainspring. Excellent woodwork with original finish and only minor signs of service wear.

A collector grade pistol.

Barrel length = 4.5 inches
Overall length =

Code: 51036Price: 1200.00 GBP

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Small Pocket Tinder Lighter, c.1810 By Wilkins
A scarce small-sized pocket tinder lighter with military "Stand of Arms" decoration, signed by the maker, Wilkins of Grantham, c.1810.

This delightful tinder lighter is smaller than similar models and has a concealed trigger, very likely carried by a military gentleman, possibly during a campaign. It remains in full working order, with a nice aged patina and strong springs, as well as having an undamaged and nicely fitting butt.

Seldom seen in this compact size.

Overall length = 4 inches

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Birmingham Borough Gaol - Prison Warder's 25 Bore Pistol c.1850
Consignment sale: A very rare prison warder's pistol formerly used at the "Birmingham Borough Gaol," also known by locals as "Winson Green Prison," which opened in 1849. The new prison replaced the smaller "Town Lock-Up" that had existed at the rear of the police station, since 1806.

Historically, British prisons had been managed by various authorities in what was a complicated system of administration dependant on a prison's status. This status was generally determined at the time the institution was approved but could be amended as the prison's profile in society changed. Birmingham Gaol was and still is, considered to be a violent prison, necessitating increasingly higher levels of management. Initially, the prison was first governed by George Glossop but he was rapidly succeeded by Captain Alexander Maconochie RN. A noted and successful prison reformer who believed in allowing prisoner's dignity, he was politically undermined and sacked in 1851 for being too lenient. Yet Maconochie's policies and beliefs were adopted as the basis of the penal system instigated over 100 years later!

With its checkered past, Birmingham attracted what was at times, a hotchpotch of influence from now-discredited Magistrates, as well as the Local Authority and even Central Government, before Victorian reforms saw the prison service coming under the singular control of the Home Ofice.

As an official sidearm, this large calibre box-lock pistol was property marked to the Birmingham Gaol on the barrel flat, as well as bearing a government issue Broad Arrow on the butt. This pistol is in full working order with a robust and crisp action, while cosmetically appearing sharp, with some decorative engraving to the metalwork and some light salt and pepper frosting.

In summary, a superb Law & Order firearm from a historically interesting institution.

Barrel length = 4 inches
Overall length = 9 inches

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Second Model 54 Bore Double Trigger Tranter Revolver, c.1855
Tranter introduced their Double Trigger revolvers in 1853 with the first ones lacking a rammer. This was remedied when the Second Model appeared soon after, complete with a detachable rammer. Secured to the frame by means of a keyed stud, the rammer was often separated from the revolver and often became lost. So, finding them complete like this is a bonus.

This Tranter is a good Second Model, retailed and signed on the top strap, "R. B. Rodda London & Calcutta." Presumably, the revolver was sold to someone in India, most likely an army officer. Not surprisingly it shows some signs of wear but is otherwise fully working with a tight action. It remains sharp with clear decoration and dark patina, benefitting also from having nice screw heads and perfect grips.

All in all, an attractive example of an inspired revolver design.

Barrel length = 6 inches
Overall length =

Code: 51033Price: 1390.00 GBP

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