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1940 Air Ministry Escape Whistle in Issue Box
This is an outstanding and totally original, mint in box RAF aircrew escape whistle. Please note, this is NOT a modern reproduction Thunderer but a genuine wartime, "sterile" whistle: If you don't know, wartime whistles differed from the modern repros as the originals did not have Hudsons' details on the mouthpiece - Repros do.

Cosmetically this escape whistle is as new, with no dings, dents, or loss of chrome finish. It is perfect and comes in the equally original Air Ministry, 1940 dated carton.

Code: 51145Price: 120.00 GBP

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Kempton Park Arms Fair @ Kempton Park
We will be attending the Kempton Classic Arms Fair of the 4th October. Although the main event will be held indoors, our stall will be situated outside. Hope to see our regular customers as well as meeting new ones.

Keep safe and let's look out for each other.


Code: 51144Price: On Request

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Royal Navy Issue Lemania ASDIC Stop Watch, c.1969
This is a new old stock Lemania Stop Watch made for the Royal Navy in 1969 and sold by the MOD at the end of the Cold War era. The watch comes fully marked with NATO stock numbers and is in near immaculate and unused condition. Only the crystal has a slight stress crack but otherwise, it still remains fully serviceable.

Used in conjunction with other anti-submarine detection devices, these stopwatches are capable of recording time intervals of up to 6 seconds, which equates to distances calibrated in yards.

A quality stopwatch with all its original finish that would be unaffected by any EMP in the event of Nuclear War - Now declared obsolete thanks to more modern electronic measuring devices.

Code: 51143Price: 40.00 GBP

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WW2 Royal Navy HS⩚5 Survey Vessel's Pocket Watch
In 1939, the Royal Navy appears to have had in service, 9 Survey Vessels, but by 1943 only four of the ships remained; HMS Challenger, Franklin, Scott and White Bear, with most having been lost in the first year of action.

The Survey Ships' work involved the preparation of nautical charts, which included the position plotting of sea-mines. However, between 1943-44 the Hydrographic Survey was very much involved in the mapping of the French coastline, which helped to determine the best D-Day beeches and locations for the harbours that were to be erected.

This particular watch, with its HS⩚5 reference, was specifically for the issue to one of the RN's Survey Vessel and as such, it is a rare timepiece. Amazingly it is in excellent condition, with no damage - just minor service wear.

Unlike the more common RN navigational deck watches, these timepieces have more of a utility function about them. Nevertheless, the 15 jewel Swiss movement is of more robust quality, as is the hermetic case and thick crystal. Presented in working order and keeping time, this watch is a difficult example for the collector to find, especially in a condition as fine as this.

A Premium Service watch facility is available with 12 month warranty.

Code: 51142Price: 245.00 GBP

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LMS Railway Guard's Pocket Watch c.1925
This is a genuine example of a London, Midland & Scottish railway guard's pocket watch. Originally created in 1923, the LMS was an amalgamation of smaller rail networks that served virtually the length of Great Britain.

Presented in original condition, this pocket watch shows the signs of life on the LMS but the watch is in a much better condition than seen with other railway watches. Life on the railway would prove hard on timepieces, which is why railway watches needed to be robust. This example uses a nickel silver hermetic case to prevent the ingress of dirt from corrosive smoke and steam. For soot that will inevitably penetrate the watch's barriers, the porcelain dial will be better able to withstand the soiling, as well as offering good legibility. Typically, the dial has some light lines but there is no loss to the enamel and the hairlines are not immediately visible.

Offered in full working order, the watch appears to have been well maintained, keeping good time. It is also free from additional signs of inappropriate handling, other than the cosmetic service wear of a careful railway guard.

A good example to collect and use.

Code: 51141Price: 175.00 GBP

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WW2 Era Longines Military Grade Wristwatch, c.1945
A very good Longines watch dating from the war years, featuring the same quality 12.68N movement with centre seconds, clear Arabic dial and snapback steel case as used in the production of RAF, USAAF and Red Army aviator's watches. However, this example does not have any issue markings.

Presented in full working order, this Longines is a good looking watch that runs well and keeps time. The previous owner states that he had it serviced recently but that does not translate to any guarantee. Cosmetically the dial and hands are original and similar to the COSD pattern, with the dial having a light age patina. The watch measures 33mm, excluding the crown.

A lovely military-grade Longines on a USAAF pattern canvas strap.

Code: 51140Price: 420.00 GBP

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Pre WW2 RLM B-Uhr Wristwatch, c.1935
A very rare and early German RLM pilot or navigator's wristwatch, worn as part of the issue flying equipment. This watch is presented in near mint condition and good working order.

The Reichsluftfahrtministerium (RLM) was formed in 1933, tasked with the development and production of all German aircraft. Under the charge of the Minister, Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring, civil aircraft designs were made to be adaptable to fulfil future roles in military operations. This was also true of the Nav. B-Uhr (Navigation Beobachtungsuhr) watches that they developed, which were adopted in 1935 by the newly emerging Luftwaffe. The RLM nevertheless continued to exist throughout WW2, advancing the needs of the Luftwaffe.

This pilot's watch was constructed c.1935. It is a large wristwatch, meant to be worn around the arm of a bulky flying suit, which essentially used a Swiss pocket watch movement at its core. Such earlier watches, with their traditional 12-hour dial layout, would have been worn by the Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War, but later recommendations saw the dial design change during WW2. The second pattern of B-Uhr watch featured a more prominent outer seconds track, together with a smaller inner-hour-dial.

With its low serial number, this early RLM timepiece existed before the outbreak of hostilities and as such, would likely have been one of the first Luftwaffe timepieces to have seen combat in an aerial campaign. Yet the watch remains in excellent and original cosmetic condition, working and keeping time, although it has not been serviced. However, a Premium Service option complete with a 12-month warranty is available.

This 55 mm diameter watch retains most of its original grey coated finish, making this watch a good example for the collector of these fast appreciating chronometers.

Code: 51138Price:

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Pre WW2 Rolex GS MkII Pocket Watch, c.1938
A rare pre WW2, War Department contract pocket watch made by Rolex.

An outstanding military issue pocket watch, made by Rolex and beautifully original throughout. This watch conforms to the military specifications as determined by the War Department and as such, is designated as the General Service Mark II. These were purchased for the British Army but not once hostilities commenced, Swiss watch companies were naturally apprehensive about providing watches to the belligerents, which resulted in an agreement to maintain a trade of baser watches to the jewellery business. This resulted in the ubiquitous GS Trade Pattern being created.

The upshot was that supply of the superior GS Mark II watches came to an abrupt halt and as a consequence, they are now much rarer. Their superiority over the GSTP timepieces comes from the fact that they utilised top quality movements, black luminous dials, hermetic screw-up cases of nickel silver and unbreakable crystals as standard. And, from the discerning collector's perspective, this Rolex has retained all of those features in a very near mint package, showing just minimal signs of wear, including bright gold accents to the dial and large luminous numerals remaining intact - with just some minor nibbling to the enamel on the dial edges, which isn't noticeable with the bezel fitted.

Mechanically this Rolex is fully functioning and keeping excellent time - in fact, this is the same movement as Rolex used in the production of the Italian frogmen's Panerai wristwatches; it has not been serviced.

A rare item that is now near impossible to find in such an untouched condition, with no sign of tampering or inappropriate case opening - Simply stunning.

Code: 51139Price: 1650.00 GBP

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Cased Webley Bentley Pocket Revolver, c.1855
An attractive Webley Bentley designed revolver of pocket proportions, made by the Birmingham gun trade, c.1855. Presented in full working order, this unsigned revolver is in overall crisp condition retaining much original colour; it does however, have damage to some of the nipples.

This well designed double-action-only pistol comes with a contemporary English oak case, which has been crudely lined to accommodate this revolver and its accessories. The oil bottle appears to be period.

Overall an interesting and sharp English pocket revolver of around 80 bore.

Code: 51137Price: 790.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Colt M1860 Army .44 Percussion Revolver, c.1863
A martial US Army issue Colt M1860 percussion revolver, with matching serial numbers, dated to 1863. It remains in good mechanical order with proper indexing and strong spring action.

Overall this Army revolver shows the surface signs of a much-carried gun. The Inspector's cartouche on the grip is still discernible and engravings and stamps are evident, with just the overall finish being worn. Typically, many martial revolvers after becoming surplus to military needs were sold to the gun trade, eagerly purchased by prospectors and wild west pioneers.

Benefitting from a good bore, solid nipples and a sound action, this revolver was clearly well cared for and no doubt would have a story to tell.

A reasonable example of its class.

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