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J. P. Sauer & Sohn, Suhl - 10.6mm Ordnance Target Pistol, c.1880
Among the military powers of Europe during the mid to late 19th century, the Prussian military earned themselves a reputation for being a formidable force. This came about largely from the victories of several major campaigns, bringing about the unification of the German Empire, followed by the Austro and Franco-Prussian wars. Yet, despite their status as a modern army, armed with the latest rifles, the Prussian cavalry never considered pistols to be of any advantage and so, kept the issue of their single shot muzzle loaders to officers only - Pistols were regarded as only good for one, or perhaps two shots. This is at odds to other armies methodology, who had been using percussion and pinfire revolvers for quite some time. Prussian cavalry troopers were thus armed simply with swords, lances and the most up-to-date carbines.

This military dogma remained unchanged, even after the introduction of the German Army's first revolver in 1879. Often referred to as the Reichsrevolver, that breach loading pistol was primarily for use by the navy, artillery and military police units, with others being given to buglers, signallers and dispatch riders. Chambered for the new 10.6mm Ordnance cartridge, the Reichsrevolver was chiefly made by the gunmakers of the Suhl Consortium, which included Sauer.

J. P. Sauer & Sohn also made this rare single shot pistol, which was itself chambered for the military 10.6mm cartridge. Built around their back-loading rifle design, this pistol was also patented in 1879. Being typically very well made, the result was a rather impressive target pistol that conformed to the traditionalist culture of the cavalry. The pistol also offered adjustable sights, a superb set-trigger and automatic ejector. In military armoury style, this pistol has also been hand stamped with the technical specification relating to its chambering. Marked under the breach the detail reads, "REV. PATR. M 79," followed by other numeric references including, "67/49," which equates to chamber characteristics and diameters of between, 10.41mm to 10.66mm. The propellant, "SP" (Schießpulver aka Gunpowder) and amount of charge are also specified, together with a plethora of other proof marks... Including a Crowned "G," which is normally found on rifle barrels.

From a historic perspective, it is also interesting to note the presence of a large British Queen's Crown, together with a German King's Crown, which surmounts indistinct lettering, looking much like military acceptance marks. These marks are a reference to Queen Victoria, who was also the Queen of Saxony by marriage; or if the pistol is of later manufacture, may relate to her eldest daughter, Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, the Princess Royal, who in 1888 became the German Empress and Queen of Prussia, by virtue of her marriage to German Emperor Frederick III.

Presented in full working order and excellent cosmetic appearance, this fine Sauer target pistol is well worthy of further research.

Barrel length = 9 inches
Overall length = 15½ inches

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James Warner .30 Rimfire Pocket Revolver, c.1868
This .30 Rimfire pocket revolver made by James Warner, in c.1868, is in very good to near excellent condition, having retained most of its original nickel finish. Perfect mechanics and strong springs give this revolver a positive and crisp feel, with proper indexing throughout. Good solid grips, clean screw heads, a bright bore and clear stamps, serve to make this a most pleasing gate loading pistol for the collector.

The .30 Rimfire cartridge is regarded by UK Law to be obsolete, so it may be owned by persons of good character as an antique curio, without the requirement of any certificate.

Barrel length = 3 inches
Overall length =

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17th September 2017 - Birmingham Arms Fair
We're looking forward to attending the Birmingham Arms Fair, where there is something for every taste to be found. Hope to meet you there.

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15th October 2017 - Kempton Vintage & Classic Arms Fair
We are delighted to support the 2nd Kempton Vintage & Classic Arms Fair - Including antique and obsolete firearms.

Sunday 15th October 2017

Gates Open: 9.30am to 3.30pm

Admission: £5

Trade Enquiries to Peter Binfield e-mail;

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US Army M1836 Flintlock Pistol By A. Waters
Regarded by the military as a fine 54 bore single shot muzzle loader, the Model 1836 was to be the last flintlock to be issued to the US Army. Around 41,000 of these pistols were made by Asa Waters of Millbury Massachusetts, becoming the standard issue pistol during the Mexican War. Most were later converted to percussion ignition, so to find an early example as this one is, in unmodified condition, is a rarity.

Most of the conversions ended up in storage and when the Civil War broke out, many were taken from the southern State arsenals by the Confederacy. It is also suspected that many of the M1836 pistols that remained on issue, went on to serve with the navy for use as boarding pistols filled with shot.

This original example offered here is in good condition and bears the early date of "1837" on the lock plate. Some service wear is evident, but the pistol remains in solid condition and working order. The sighted barrel has the vestiges of markings towards the breach, but they are worn, nevertheless these indicate military heritage. A "K" sub inspector's mark is still clearly visible forward of the trigger guard, as is an "H" mark stamped beneath the brass pan.

Generally presented in unmolested condition, this flintlock has good age patina with some minor pitting to the ironwork. Whilst the half stock has an old armoury repair to the butt, it nevertheless is solid and displays very well.

Overall a good robust example in sleepy condition.

Barrel length = 8½ inches
Overall length = 14½ inches

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Court or Police Brass & Ash Tipstaff, c.1830
An excellent and original 19th Century tipstaff used as a symbol of office by the courts and police. This tipstaff has a brass tubular body, with a heavy crown top mounted onto an ash wood grip.

In tree lore, the ash wood handle may have been chosen as it is said to be a symbol of power, used to ward off evil.

Overall excellent condition, with little or no wear.

Overall length = 11 inches

Code: 50707Price: 250.00 GBP

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1885 T Division Metropolitan Police Issue Whistle
Following their successful trials conducted on Hounslow Heath, Hudsons' police whistles were first supplied to the Metropolitan Police in 1884. As such, this whistle was among the first of the "Police Calls" to have been made and this early "498" issue number is documented to have been delivered to Hammersmith Police Station in 1885, which was then part of T Division, as is Chiswick, Richmond, Hounslow and surrounding areas. Interestingly, this whistle was acquired from a family house in Chiswick.

Very few police whistles have survived in this wonderful condition, especially when you realise that they were first worn overtly, hanging down the front of the constable's tunic, with the whistle tucked behind the belt buckle. As such, they were prone to be easily dented, or even crushed during scuffles.

The rare example on offer here, is made of nickel silver and comes in its original form. Most early MP whistles have had their mouthpieces changed, top rings replaced or their diaphragms repaired, but this one has survived in near perfect condition. It even bears its original, crowned B1 acceptance mark, stamped on the top ring by the examining inspector.

A rare whistle presented in a condition that would be difficult to improve upon.

Code: 50706Price: 290.00 GBP

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Victorian Special Constable's Police Truncheon, c.1835
A plainer William Parker police truncheon, typical of the less elaborately decorated versions issued to the Special Constabulary, c.1835.

Presented in very good condition, with minor service wear and marks to finish, the body of the truncheon is mainly of a flat black finish, with the "VR" monogram and "Special Constable" rank being depicted in gilt. Good clear stamps to base of ribbed handle.

Code: 50705Price: 120.00 GBP

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Victorian Police Constable's Truncheon, c.1835
Made and signed by William Parker, this early New Police truncheon is in very good and original condition. It shows general service wear and some scrapes to the painted surface, but the colours are nevertheless bright and vivid, depicting the Queen's Crown over VR, and the rank of "Constable." All maker's stamps are clear and the stick retains a fragment of the leather strap on the ribbed handle.

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1W.O.R. - Canadian Expeditionary Force - Ross Bayonet, c.1914
Shortly after the outbreak of WW1, the Canadian government assembled a military force at Camp Valcartier in Quebec, destined for England. This became the original Canadian Expeditionary Force, which by the end of the war numbered 260 battalions. However, these very first troops were the ones that formed the 1st Battalion, of the 1st Brigade, of the 1st Canadian Division - Their unit was named the, 1st Western Ontario Regiment. As such, this Pattern 1911 Ross Bayonet Mk II, can be attributed to being one of their issue blades, clearly marked with the Canadian broad arrow and "1WOR" stamp on the grip. The 1st Western Ontario Regiment went on to fight at Ypres in 1915.

Presented in excellent and untouched condition, this bayonet is fully marked, complete with its original leather scabbard, likewise in excellent order.

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