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Colt M1877 Thunderer .41 Revolver, c.1891
Consignment Sale: A good nickel Colt Model 1877 Thunderer revolver, chambered for the obsolete .41 cartridge. This revolver is in good working order and cosmetic condition, retaining much of its original plated finish, with the rest being to a grey patina.

According to Colt archives, this revolver dates to 1891. It has matching numbers as well as sharp profiles, good screw heads, and undamaged grips. Generally, this Thunderer is a decent example in good cosmetic condition.

Barrel length = 6 inches

Code: 51107Price: 1475.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Unissued - British Army Despatch Riders PVC Jerkin
Unworn and in mint condition, this army jerkin is perfect for the reenactor. Dated 1959, this PVC jerkin is easy to keep clean.

No rips, tears or other damage - Ideal for a military motorcyclist.

Code: 51106Price: 25.00 GBP

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Civil War Issue Colt M1860 Percussion Revolver, c.1863
Consignment Sale: A good looking .44 Colt Model 1860 cavalry issue percussion revolver, retaining a detailed cylinder scene and all matching serial numbers dating it to 1863.

This martially marked revolver shows a partial inspector's cartouche to the right grip, as well as 3 additional notches. All other marking is crisp and clear, including the barrel address and cylinder engraving. Overall the ironwork has a dark patina and the revolver benefits from having good screw heads.

A decent example at a reasonable price.

Code: 51104Price:

This item is Age Restricted

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Tower Pattern Long Sea Service Flintlock Pistol, c.1800
Consignment Sale: A good used example of a Tower Pattern Long Sea Service flintlock pistol. Fully ordnance marked with clear proofs, acceptance and inspection stamps.

Offered in full working order, this flintlock pistol has a good age patina. It also shows signs of service use, including an old break at the wrist, which has been armoury repaired and holding strong.

A desirable Sea Service pistol.

Code: 51105Price: 1790.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Unissued - British Army Red Cross Medical Webbing Bag
Presented in mint, unissued, condition is this British Army medical canvas bag. It is absolutely pristine and marked as made by ME Co. in 1955, complete with the broad arrow symbol. I believe this bag is identical to others encountered that were WW2 vintage.

The webbing is clean, inside and out, with no damage or wear to note.

Impossible to improve upon.

Code: 51103Price: 38.00 GBP

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Early S&W .44 Russian Double Action Revolver, c.1880
Consignment Sale: A very early Smith & Wesson .44 Russian, DA revolver, made c.1880. With the serial number being in the lower two-digit range, this example must be one of the first double-action revolvers to leave the S&W factory... Probably on the first day of production!

Totally original, this S&W revolver shows typical signs of carry and use, with the resultant commensurate wear, but no evidence of abuse or repair. It is in full working order, no doubt having been looked after professionally. With the factory blue having been replaced by age patina and the original wood smoothed by the grip of a grateful hand, this revolver is a great sleepy example.

Overall, very pleasing with its salt and pepper finish and light speckled pitting over the ironwork, yet crisp and clear S&W patent details to the top rib.

Code: 51102Price: 1275.00 GBP

This item is Age Restricted

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Late 1940's Belgian Leather Jerkin
An excellent and original leather jerkin dating from just after WW2. The heavy grade leather is undamaged with good even brown colour all over. It remains supple and all stitching is solid, with the leather panels free from patches. Likewise, to the inside of the garment, there is no wear or moth to the cloth lining and the jerkin retains its original military blackened brass buttons.

Size-wise, the label is faded but the jerkin comfortably fits a 6-foot tall person of between medium to large build, however, it feels a tad smaller than the Size 2 British Army version offered below.

All in all, a superior clean and damage-free example that will be difficult to improve upon.

Code: 51101Price: 75.00 GBP

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Size 2 WW2 Leather Jerkin Dated 1944
This is a very good example of a WW2, No.2 leather jerkin. It is in the most popular size, making it a hard garment to find in this grade of condition, showing only minimal signs of service wear. The jerkin also retains all of its original buttons and a clear maker's label, "Dephyrane Garments London".

Whilst this jerkin is sound with good solid stitching, with all panels being supple and intact, it does nevertheless exhibit some minor signs of moth to the cloth interior. Some of the moth can be seen below the second buttonhole from the top, as the nibbling just extends onto the leather edging. Still, this jerkin is clean and remains in very good + condition.

Although the label gives official measurements, this Size 2 garment comfortably fits a medium to a large 6-foot tall person, easily buttoning to the front without any pulling on the buttons.

A great wearable example.

Code: 51100Price: 95.00 GBP

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Colt .41 M1877 Thunderer
Consignment sale: A good Model 1877 Thunderer.

Code: 51099Price:

This item is Age Restricted

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Leather Pistol Bucket Holster
This is a rare holster of bucket type, which would have been used to carry a flintlock or more likely given that it probably dates to the mid-Victorian era, a percussion pistol whilst mounted on horseback.

Overall a very good example in sound and useable condition.

Code: 51098Price:

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