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Dear Collectors & Colleagues,

I hope that we are all managing to stay well.

In these difficult times, we have been asked to keep our distance and stay at home - Everyone's health is important. For ZMW Militaria this means that we have to consider the best way to conduct business but, whilst sales and reservations are still being made, delivery is affected. When possible, Royal Mail drop boxes will be used but visits to the Post Office are now limited. In essence, we are managing everything, day by day, item by item.

We remind everyone that this will pass and wish you all well.

Stay safe,

Ziggy M. Wesolowski

Code: 51083Price: On Request

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Compact Adams Self-Cocking Revolver
Working at capacity, Adams' concentrated their work on the production of officers' pistols. However, realising that there was another lucrative market for personal protection revolvers, the company sourced gunmakers in Europe to manufacture pistols to their patent.

This revolver is fist-size Adams self-cocking revolver, made under licence in Belgian. Featuring work of the highest quality, the diminutive design is proportioned to be both comfortable to hold as well as shoot, given its full grip profile.

Retaining much original blue lustre, the revolver is beautifully engraved in the English style, showing Adams' name to both sides of the frame, and patent date of 1851. The action works exactly as it should, with lock-up and timing being perfect. On the top strap flat, the revolver is engraved by the maker, "Manufc. By C. D. Duly & Legally Licensed," together with numerous Belgian and Liege proof marks. Fitted with a brass foresight.

A super petite revolver in great condition.

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Victorian Breech Loading Signal Cannon c.1860
A good and unusual Victorian signal cannon, being of breech loading pattern, complete with black powder cannister. This cannon was once part of a large collection in a gentleman's wargaming room, housed in a magnificent property in North East Yorkshire. It was said that the gentleman resident engaged in battle enactments firing these cannons with likeminded friends. It is said that he even had a pond built inside this room... Most likely to allow for naval engagements!

This miniature signal cannon shows clear signs of having been used in the distant past. The solid brass barrel is untouched, being of robust construction with profuse engravings of acanthus leaf designs, whilst the underside appears to bear the remains of a paper label.

Overall, an attractive model that is clear through to the fuse vent, originally firing ball of about 100 bore, with basic locking breech latch.

Barrel = 5 inches
Cannon Overall = 8 inches

Code: 51081Price: 275.00 GBP

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Custom Moose Frontier Bushcraft Knife By A. S. Harding
A premium moose handled Frontier knife, designed and made by Tony Harding. Bearing his "ASH" logo, this robust bushcraft knife has a 4mm thick blade and Scandi grind.

This Frontier knife is brand new, although Harding has given it an aged appearance by acid etching the blade and embellishing it with a wayfarer's compass rose. It comes super sharp, protected by a gorgeous handmade leather sheath, wet moulded and fitted to the knife.

Made from O1 heat-treated carbon steel, Harding's knives are of premium quality and when married to moose scales, there's something very Wild West about this one.

Having used Harding's knives myself, I can attest to their functionality and outstanding build quality. A great collector's knife, or a blade to use for all manner of camp work.

Code: 51076Price: 245.00 GBP

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Radway Green .303 Military Drill Rounds
Production of the D Mark 10 .303 drill round commenced at Radway Green in 1950, although the cartridge was not accepted into service until 1954. The cartridge was similar to its predecessors but the bullet was traditionally seated using a crimped rim. In continuous use, this seating method soon allowed the bullet to recede into the case.

The clip has four drill rounds - three are dated 1950, whilst the other is 1951 dated. All are in used condition, however two have some dints and one of the heads has started to recede.

Code: 51073Price: 8.00 GBP

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Falklands War - Hopkins MOD Survival Knife
A Falklands War era military survival knife: Originally made by Wilkinson Sword and Joseph Rodgers, these hefty knives are still part of the MOD inventory. Designated by the military as "Survival Knives," they are most useful when chopping branches, splitting logs, prying, levering, digging, gouging, drilling, hammering and generally being the most versatile piece of kit when it comes to outdoor survival.

A Jack-of-all-trades, this knife feature a one-piece full-length tang and a 5mm blade rib. Being in sleepy condition, the knife has been lightly used, but has no sign of abuse. The wood grip is stamped with the "H" mark in a diamond, identifying the maker as Hopkins of Sheffield. The knife comes with a factory dull cutting edge but this can be improved upon if required.

Cosmetically the knife has a protective black phosphate finish to all the steel parts. Grips are of wood with heavy duty copper rivets. These are further stamped with a stock number, plus broad arrow mark and 1982 date. The knife is retained in its rare original leather sheath, which is also military stamped, just the same as when first produced in the late 1950's.

Probably the most robust survival knife ever.

Code: 51071Price: 95.00 GBP

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Wilson Military Issue GS Knife
A late or post WW2 pocket knife by Wilson, with the maker's name and broad arrow to the blade. The knife shows virtually no signs of use, just general age discolouration and minor wear - No sharpening.

Perfect grips and a solid working action makes this a lovely knife for use or for the collector.

Code: 51065Price: 25.00 GBP

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BPD Military .303 Dummy Drill Rounds, c.1983
A rare clip of 5 genuine .303 military dummy drill rounds, dating from 1983.

With postwar stocks of older .303 dummy rounds exhausted and the Lee Enfield No.4 rifle remaining in service, primarily with cadet corps, the military ordered a small quantity of these from the Italian supplier, Bombrini, Parodi et Delfino.

Each one was fitted with a drilled primer and delivered to the UK where the distributor fluted the cases to meet MOD requirements. These 5 drill rounds have identical headstamps marked, "B.P.D. 962." The jacketed bullets also retain traces of the original white paint to the tips.

Overall in used condition but generally very good, complete with rifle clip.

Code: 51068Price: 18.00 GBP

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WW2 Pattern German Solingen Electrician's Knife
A wartime era electrician's knife made in Solingen Germany. Many of these knives were carried by telephone engineers, sappers and electricians.

This example is a new old stock item from the era and, having been in storage, is typically stained and tarnished. On the wooden grip scale there is also an impressed Waffenamt eagle, which is probably a postwar addition: Sadly, whilst many original knives have been discovered in unissued condition throughout Europe, a large number have been embellished with additional markings to appeal to collectors. As such, this is a correct knife but "enhanced" by those seeking to make a larger profit.

A great example, perfect for reenactment.

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WW2 Air Ministry G. Ibberson Escape Knife
A rare WW2 escape knife in untouched, new old stock condition. Originally made for issue to aircrew, postwar surplus stocks of these knives were given over for issue to the SAS. In both instances these knives carried Air Ministry and "G.I." maker's marks.

An absolutely untouched example retaining all its original black colour. A stunning example with 2 blades operating against strong springs - with no sign of sharpening. As new.

Blade Length = 3 inches
Overall length = 4 inches

Code: 51063Price:

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